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Review, Selection, Posting, and Voting Procedures:

An explanation of how the best pictures and videos are chosen by a team of five referees and the protocols they follow to maintain high-quality content across BowWow’s social media channels:

1. Selection Process:

– Referee Panel: Our team consists of five dedicated referees who have a deep appreciation for dogs and a keen eye for captivating visuals. They bring diverse perspectives and expertise to ensure a fair and thorough selection process.

– Evaluation Criteria: The referees review each submitted picture or video based on predetermined criteria, including creativity, composition, emotional impact, relevance to the theme, and overall quality. They aim to highlight content that showcases the beauty, charm, and unique moments of dogs.

– Voting System: Each referee independently assesses the submissions and assigns their vote based on the quality and appeal of the content. If a picture or video receives three or more votes from the five-member selection committee, it qualifies for recognition and sharing on BowWow’s social media pages.

2. Content Quality Protocols:

– Consistency: The referees follow a set of guidelines and protocols to maintain consistent quality across BowWow’s social media channels. This includes adhering to high standards for visual content, ensuring that each shared picture or video meets the criteria of excellence set by BowWow.

– Content Relevance: The referees prioritize content that aligns with BowWow’s mission and resonates with the audience. They aim to feature a diverse range of dogs, stories, and moments that celebrate the beauty, joy, and meaningful connections between dogs and humans.

– Professionalism and Ethics: The referees adhere to professional and ethical standards, ensuring that all shared content respects the rights and well-being of the subjects and complies with applicable laws and regulations. They avoid sharing any content that may be harmful, offensive, or inappropriate.

– Engaging Captions: To enhance the viewer’s experience, the referees use the exact or edited captions submitted by the submitters or craft engaging captions that complement the shared pictures or videos. These captions provide context, evoke emotions, tell stories, or provide interesting facts related to the featured dogs or themes.

2. Facebook Engagement: 

Once shared on BowWow’s Facebook page, the community is invited to participate by engaging with the content. Users have the opportunity to show their appreciation and support by liking their favorite pictures and videos. We believe in the power of community involvement and value the opinions of our audience.

3. Selection of Top Pictures and Videos:

At the end of a specified period, we tally the numbers of votes (likes) received by each submission. The pictures and videos that garner the highest numbers of votes during this period are selected as the top pictures and videos. This approach ensures that our selections are driven by the collective preferences of our passionate community.

By incorporating this democratic and transparent process, we aim to involve our community in the decision-making, fostering a sense of engagement and appreciation for the remarkable dog-related content shared on our platform. It also allows us to celebrate the exceptional submissions that resonate the most with our audience.”

By following these protocols, BowWow’s social media channels aim to curate a visually stunning and engaging collection of pictures and videos that captivate and inspire the audience while upholding the highest standards of content quality.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,